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Cardio workout options you can do at home

Exercises for home cardio training.

By conducting systematic cardio workouts at home, you can maintain your physical shape and improve it without going to the gym. Such training is suitable for people with different physical forms – both men and women.

Exercises for effective cardio training

Beginners might think that doing cardio at home comes down to running in place and jumping rope, but that’s not the case. Home workouts can be varied. This is a great type of physical activity with which you can burn fat intensively and solve many problems.

Problems Answer
Over the past 40 years, the number of obese people has tripled 3 cardio workouts per week help burn about 1500 kcal and promote weight loss
According to WHO, about 17.5 million people die every year from cardiovascular diseases, and 80% of these cases could be prevented. Regular and moderate cardio at home or in the gym hardens the heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

To burn extra calories and strengthen the body, you should exercise systematically. You can start with the basic version of the training. Performing effective and simple aerobic exercises at home, you can see the result in a few weeks.

Dynamic Plank Views

If your cardio workout at home includes these exercises, it will allow you to quickly strengthen the core. The starting position (IP) for exercises is to stand on the palms of straight arms and toes, stretching the body horizontally.

  • Jumping in the bar with a raised pelvis. From the IP you need to raise the pelvis, pulling the legs forward. Alternately quickly take your legs to the sides, bouncing at the same time. The exercise is done at a fast pace.
  • Burpee. From the IP, bend your legs to chest level and jump up, straightening up and throwing your arms up. Then sit down, lean on your hands and take the IP again.
  • Plank running. Having taken the IP, alternately pull your knees to your chest.
  • Spider plank. Legs pull up through the sides and return to the IP.

Mahi and leg abduction

Performing such cardio exercises at home, you can stimulate the muscles of the legs, buttocks and the whole body. IP – standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Touching knees with hands. Raise your arms above your head and close them in the castle. It is necessary to alternately raise bent knees, and lower your hands until they touch.
  • Reverse half lunges. You should take a step back, lower the pelvis and then return to the IP. You can complicate the exercise by raising straight arms up.
  • Lateral half-lunges . It is performed in the same way as the exercise described above, only a step is taken to the side.
  • Kicks forward and to the side. From the IP, you need to bend the knee and sharply straighten the leg, striking in the air.

Jumps and squats

Doing cardio at home, you can add variations of jumps and squats to your training. This will develop strength and endurance, improve coordination of movements. IP is the same as in the previous paragraph.

  • Star jumps. Hands over head. Jump, spreading your arms and legs to the sides, touch the floor with your feet and jump again, returning to the IP.
  • Jumping out of the reverse half-lunge. Step back and tilt your body forward a little. From this position, sharply bring the leg, bent at the knee, forward, and at the same time jump.
  • Sumo jumping squat. Get into a wide stance and squat as deep as you can. Then, with force, jump up, raise your hands and touch each other’s palms above your head.


A rare cardio workout at home for beginners and experienced athletes will do without such exercises. And no wonder, because these are simple, but very effective types of training. IP – standing, legs at shoulder level.

  • Jumping lunges . Hands in the castle at chest level. Step forward with one foot and take the other back. Then jump up, touch the floor at the middle point and change legs.
  • Side lunge jump. From the IP you need to take a wide step to the side. Then straighten up on the supporting leg and jump up, pulling the knee to the chest. The arms are bent at the elbows and move along the body.
  • Half knee raise . From the IP, raise one knee, then take the leg back and take a wide step. With the opposite hand, touch the inner surface of the calf of the front leg and return to the PI.

Men’s Cardio Program

If you follow this program, you will get an effective fat-burning cardio workout at home.

  1. Warm-up and joint gymnastics – 15 minutes.
  2. Running up stairs or in place with high hips – 5 minutes.
  3. Jumping lunges.
  4. Jumping from a reverse half-lunge.
  5. Burpees
  6. Plank running.
  7. Plank jumps.
  8. Jumping in place – 5 minutes.
  9. Hitch 5-10 minutes.

An example of a cardio workout for women

  1. Warm-up with the study of the joints.
  2. Running on the spot or in the simulator.
  3. Side lunge jumps.
  4. Spider plank.
  5. Touching knees with hands.
  6. Kicks forward, to the side and to the side.
  7. Star jumps.
  8. Stretching – 10-15 minutes.


What is the optimal heart rate during training?

For girls and men of different ages, this indicator is calculated individually, but the range from 110 to 140 beats per minute is considered optimal.

How long should you exercise and how long should you rest?

10–60 seconds are enough for rest, and you need to perform the exercise at an active pace for 20–45 seconds or longer. In the case of circuit training, you should rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

How to start doing cardio?

To increase the load smoothly, light running in place, simple exercises like touching your knees with your hands and jumping with legs apart, will do.

How can you make cardio harder?

If it becomes easy to do the usual exercises, you can replace them with heavier ones, perform at a higher pace, add weights in the form of weights or dumbbells.

How long should a workout be for effective calorie burning?

To lose weight faster, you need to exercise for 1 hour 3-4 times a week, drink enough water and monitor nutrition.

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