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Yoga for Two – 10 Exercises to Strengthen the Body and Confidence

How useful is such a spiritual and physical practice? What basic exercises can be added to pair yoga sessions – details later in the article.

Yoga for two: benefits and features

The practice of couple yoga allows you to build trust in a relationship and at the same time improve the physical fitness of both partners.

Problems Answer
A lot of marriages and relationships are destroyed due to misunderstanding and distrust. Pair practice allows you to learn the basics of yoga, start to trust your partner more, develop spiritually and physically
An inactive lifestyle causes obesity and health problems in both men and women. Pair yoga practice is suitable for weight loss and working out the muscles of the whole body

10 yoga exercises for two that will strengthen your relationship

Practicing yoga daily, the couple breathes new life into their relationship and joins the vast number of people who have already experienced the benefits of the training:

  • harmonization of relations due to the emergence of a new common interest;
  • development of strength and endurance;
  • transition to a new level of stability in relations;
  • improving the elasticity of muscles and ligaments.

The main rules of classes

Many types of yoga have asanas suitable for beginners, so you can build on simple practices that will suit the level of partners. In order for yoga for two to bring the maximum benefit to the body and mind, you need to follow four simple rules:

  1. Don’t make sudden movements.
  2. If classes are held at home, you need to choose a room where there will be enough space.
  3. Choose a yoga challenge for 2 people so that it has suitable exercises for both of you.
  4. You need to enjoy the lessons, and not work on the verge of possibilities. During the performance of asanas, participants should be comfortable.

Yoga poses for two

The considered yoga poses for two are basic, their list can be supplemented and adjusted depending on the level of physical fitness.

Practice should begin with a warm-up so that the muscles warm up before performing more difficult asanas. For example, you can start with the lotus pose or the mountain pose. These exercises are good not only for physical warming up, but also for getting in tune with a partner, feeling his energy.

Warrior Pose

In the first lessons, it is better to put aside difficult poses and focus on the basics. The warrior pose is perfect for this. To perform the exercise, you need to stand back to back. Both partners take a step forward: one – with the right, and the second – with the left foot. The other leg stays straight and the couple joins hands.

Standing backbend

The starting position is the same – back to back. Then you need to firmly hold hands and at the same time lean forward. It takes at least a few breaths to stay in this position.

Angle Pose

A rare yoga challenge does without this universal asana. It helps to improve mutual understanding between partners, avoid the sublimation of sexual energy and the appearance of psychological fatigue from relationships.

To perform it, you need to sit facing each other. Next, spread your legs as much as possible, touching the side surface of the feet. Hold hands and gently stretch towards each other.


You need to sit back to back, legs are in a half-lotus position. The partner puts his right hand on the partner’s left knee, then the hands change. This exercise belongs to the asanas of the “middle” level and promotes the development of flexibility in the shoulders, knees and spine. It will be a good choice for those who want to get rid of osteochondrosis, but it is contraindicated in case of spinal injuries. Also, asana with caution should be performed with painful knees.

Closed book

There are many variations of this yoga pose for two, because it is basic and allows you to work on stretching.

To perform the exercise, assume a back-to-back pose, then slowly lower yourself until your hands touch the floor. Hold hands and pull each other.


Such yoga for two perfectly teaches you to work in pairs, respond to each other’s movements and keep balance together. To perform, you need to sit face to face, raise your legs in the corner and touch your feet, then hold hands. Suitable for experienced practitioners, but can be tried at any level.

Leaning towards the legs

From the back-to-back position, one of the partners lowers the body down and reaches for the feet, and the second bends the legs at the knees and rises so that the buttocks are at the level of the waist of the seated person, stretches his arms up and takes on the partner’s toes.

Temple pose

You need to stand face to face at a sufficient distance, bend over, put your hands on your partner’s shoulders. Keep your back straight, do not sag. This yoga for two allows you to cope with stoop, train the muscles of the back, legs and body.

One breath for two

You need to take the lotus or half lotus position, sitting back to back and tightly clinging to each other. Breathe evenly, feeling how your partner breathes. This is an exercise from the world of meditation, which gives harmony and peace.

Pair tree pose

Partners stand side by side, mirror-bending their knees and placing their foot on the thigh as close to the groin as possible. With one hand you need to hug the partner around the waist, with the palms of the second hands – touch at chest level.

Most asanas are performed in 2 sets, when partners change places, change hands and feet. People, by practicing meditation, get strong spiritual bonds and a strong body.

Yoga for Two – FAQ

⋙ How often should I practice?

✅ The usual yoga challenge is suitable both as a one-time practice and for systematic classes. Poses can be interchanged, supplemented and complicated so that classes are not monotonous.

⋙ My partner and I have never done yoga. What asanas can you start with?

✅ It is better to start with exercises that do not require strong support from each other. You can turn to the easy practices of couples meditation, which are offered by various spiritual masters, and then complicate it.

⋙ How long do you need to stay in one position?

✅ Depends on the complexity of the exercise and preparation. It is best to start with a couple of breaths and then gradually increase the time if you need to.

⋙ Is it possible to study at home and what is needed for this?

✅ Yoga does not require any special equipment, just a mat and comfortable clothes. But you can do without it.

⋙ When is the best time to practice?

✅ The main thing is that there is a suitable atmosphere, a state of peace of mind, and no rush, so a convenient time must be chosen individually.

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